Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

We all know that Jackie Chan’s antics and stunts are extremely dangerous. Check out this ‘Police Story’ stunt that might have paralysed him and left him severely injured on set.

Jackie Chan is one of the celebrities who chooses to perform the risky and life-threatening acts themselves rather than having a stunt double. The 69-year-old Chinese celebrity has performed some of the most incredible and risky stunts for the film, but they have also left him with serious wounds and put him in danger of dying.

Today, we’ll discuss one such stunt that left the ‘Rush Hour’ star electrocuted, burned, and suffering from several wounds and dislocations. The particular manoeuvre in question is from the 1985 movie Police Story’s sequence in the mall. Find out more by reading on. According to a reputable media outlet, Chan’s career’s riskiest and most audacious stunt was recording the mall slide from Police Story. Speaking of the stunt, Chan performed it by jumping down a mall’s whole height without the use of any safety wires or padding. Many other considerations, such as Chan’s potential for electrocution due to the Christmas lights, presented a major risk to his life in addition to the height.

According to the article, Jackie Chan and his crew were pressed for time since they had to finish the shot and vacate the mall in order for it to open the following morning. since a result, they were unable to practise the stunt. He suffered a fractured finger, 2nd degree burns on his palms, a deep cut on his forearm, a dislocated pelvis bone, injuries to his 7th and 8th vertebrae, and electrical shock as a result of the stunt, which involved him jumping on a pole covered in Christmas lights, sliding down it, and crashing through glass. He could have become paralysed during the stunt.

Jackie Chan described how one of his stuntmen placed a religious charm in his pocket just before the cameras started rolling, despite the fact that Chan did not believe in religion. Jackie Chan told IGN about filming this incredible, risky Police Story stunt. The Ride On star was quickly back up to continue the scene despite the severity of his wounds. Here is a link to the video:

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