Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Adam Lambert, who is set to sing at the upcoming Pride in London event on July 1, recently spoke with This Morning on how attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community have changed over time. When asked about his personal experience as a gay artist, the singer stated: “Being a gay man in the media has been a really interesting journey for me.” One that I’m very grateful for, and I believe that over the last decade or so, there has been a significant movement in acceptability, visibility, and all of these things. People are starting to get it now. They are less afraid of it. It’s good to be a part of the force that encourages individuals to broaden their horizons.”

When asked if people’s reactions varied based on where they were, he responded as follows: “Yeah. Certainly, various mindsets exist in different countries. I believe that right now, even in the United States, there is a peculiar type of pushback, which is probably in response to the fact that we are shining so brightly and wonderfully.

The community has come a long way, and we’ve achieved significant progress. Our equality is gradually improving, but there will always be those who are afraid of what they don’t comprehend or who reject something that they don’t understand.” In preparation for his performance, Lambert recorded a rendition of Sylvester’s 1978 LGBTQ+ dance hit, ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).’ During another interview with Advocate, he talked about the next album, which will premiere on Good Morning America on June 23.

Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury expressed his love for the original singer, saying: “I’ve always loved the song, and I’m very excited to put my own spin on it.” I’ve always been captivated with 1960s and 1970s San Francisco, and I recently saw a documentary about the intersection of the queer and hippie cultures. I was also attracted by the Cockettes’ performance art, which Sylvester was a part of for a few years.

Sylvester is honored with the modernized version. In terms of dress, flamboyance, and performances, he was much ahead of his time. He was such a trailblazer, and I can only hope that my version retains the song’s original soul.” For the Pride in London parade, Adam Lambert will perform alongside Todrick Hall and Idina Menzel on the Trafalgar Square stage. A few months later, in October, the singer will join Queen on their North American Rhapsody Tour.

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