Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Extreme’s lead singer Gary Cherone acknowledged certain unreleased Van Halen songs from his tenure in the band in a recent appearance on A Radio Rock, saying it was up to Alex Van Halen whether or not to release them. When asked about his three-year stay with Van Halen, the frontman explained: “After ‘VH III’ and touring, we went back into the studio and wrote a bunch of songs.” Some are only rough demos, while others are more finished creations. I’m not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day, but maybe someday.

Alex Van Halen is the man in charge of that, but you never know. “However, I can say that some of those songs are really good.” Cherone’s comments come after former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony revealed details regarding unreleased Van Halen songs in an April interview with Eddie Trunk. He stated there was a lot of stuff in their archive, so they started digging. Anthony disclosed:

“There is a strategy. We’re starting a set of reissues with the Sammy [Hagar] years, with all his albums, and the first one will be the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ live record from 1992… So there is activity in there. We’re getting back into things. There’s a lot more stuff at Ed’s 5150 studio; Wolfie or Alex will go over it to see what’s there. There’s a lot here.”

The whole interview with the Extreme vocalist can be found here.

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