All GOT7 members broke up with JYP without re-contracting, what are your future activity plans?

Korea Media Dispatch reported independently that all GOT7 members broke up without re-contracting with their agency JYP Entertainment (JYP). According to the article, GOT7 recently declined an exclusive contract with JYP. Seven years have passed since GOT7 debuted on January 16, 2014, and the 2021 Golden Disc Awards ceremony is likely to be the final group activity.

One Kayo official said, “GOT7 is on good terms. We gathered opinions about having members together. However, we were divided on deciding which agency to transfer to. After many meetings with the company. I decided to break up. “


JYP also immediately made an official announcement on this matter.

A JYP official said, “It is difficult to confirm the cases that each member is in contact with,” and “we will inform you as soon as our position regarding GOT7 re-contract is organized.” Before JYP made the official announcement, it was found that JYP and GOT7 members unfollowed each other’s SNS and took steps to break up

<Status of GOT7 members>

GOT7 members Mark, Yugyeom, JB, Youngjae, BamBam, and Jinyoung posted the same photo on their personal Instagram as if they had promised after it was reported that they would not re-contract this afternoon. “GOT7 FOREVER” was posted. Only Jackson hasn’t uploaded his personal Instagram, but Jackson hasn’t updated his Instagram since December 31st.

“GOT7 FOREVER” appeared in the real-time trend of Twitter after it was reported that GOT7 would not re-contract with JYP.

And Mark, the oldest member of the team, sent a message to Twitter.

“The last seven years have been the best years of my life. There is no end, it’s just the beginning. The seven of us will continue to show you the best and best versions to the end.” Mark told fans that GOT7 has no end, it’s just the beginning, and the seven will be together to the end for a new start.

<Forecast of future activities of GOT7 members>

▶Mark: I went back to America and took a rest for a while.

▶JB: Love calls from well-known hip-hop labels and global record companies.

▶Jackson: Working through a global label I founded.

▶Jinyoung: BH Entertainment, where famous actors are gathering, is about to sign a contract.

▶Youngjae: Contact with a subprime artist agency.

▶BamBam: Contact with Make Earth Entertainment.

▶Yugyeom: Contact with AOMG, whose CEO is Jay Park.

On January 10th, the final stage was performed as GOT7 belonging to JYP on the Golden Disc. At the final stage of GOT7, the fans expressed their feelings, “No matter where I go, I will respect my choices and support them. And I will definitely wait for the day when I will come back as GOT7. GOT7 FORVER.”


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