Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

A gloomy force occasionally hovers in the music industry, where emotions create tunes. It is the agonizing battle with mental illness. When Chris Cornell sadly died, the entire world mourned. His death impacted his best buddy Chester Bennington very hard, so much so that even Ann Wilson’s advice couldn’t help him cope. The leader of Soundgarden was always open about his struggles with depression and loneliness. Chester, who had previously openly shared his difficulties with anxiety and depression, related in some ways over their daily battles with their inner thoughts. So, when Chris sadly committed suicide in 2017, it had a greater impact on Bennington than most people thought.

Chris had a strong bond with the Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy. The singer frequently jammed with the Heart sisters at their Seattle home during the 1990s. They were so close that Cornell was given the privilege of inducting Heart into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Chester sought to speak with Ann a few weeks after Chris’ death, knowing how important she was in Cornell’s life. Ann discussed her last conversation with the late singer with Rolling Stone. Although Wilson had sensed his worry, anguish, and terror in the aftermath of his best friend’s death, she was only able to hold his hand and calm him down for a brief moment before he had to go on stage.

Ann Wilson’s final words on her conversation with Chester Bennington before his death were as follows: “Someone came into my dressing room and said, ‘Chester would like to talk to you’ – he was very upset.” This was only a few weeks before [Chester] committed suicide. So I went inside. He was a complete shambles. “I was so nervous and sad, and I had to go onstage in a minute.” She went on to say: “I believe Chris’ [Cornell’s] departure stung [Chester] because he recognized the impulse.” This news had hit him hard. There was a lot of anxiety in the room. Let’s breathe here, look in each other’s eyes, and say, ‘We’re still here right now, let’s just do this,’ I told him. He was gone a few weeks later.” Even though Ann was able to bring Chester back to the present moment during their brief conversation, it wasn’t enough for the singer to bear the lingering sorrow for much longer. Bennington committed suicide two months after Cornell died, just weeks after speaking with Ann. The deaths of two musicians within a few months brought mental health to the forefront.

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