Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger “couldn’t breathe the same air” during their early years in the movie business.

The 76-year-old actor and Schwarzenegger, 75, have developed a strong bond over the years – but Stallone admits that it took them time to realize that they’re “cut from the same cloth”.

He told WSJ. Magazine: “[Back in the day], we couldn’t breathe the same air. But that made us work harder. And then we eventually realized we’re pretty much cut from the same cloth – even though his cloth is more like itchy wool. I’m like silk.”

Stallone believes they share a similar sense of humor.

The Hollywood star also thinks that Schwarzenegger “brings out the best” in him.

He said: “I try to find laughs when they’re not in abundance. Sometimes it gets a little irritating and people tell me, shut up. It’s like with me and Arnold. We have this caustic sense of humor, and we go at each other non-stop.

“I almost covet a good enemy. He really brings out the best of you.”

Stallone believes that his sense of humor of has been key to his success.

The ‘Rocky’ actor explained: “You don’t have to beat up on yourself. The world will beat up on you enough. Give yourself a break.

“I try to really see life with the eye of the tiger and a real sense of humor. It’s not easy, but without humor, this is not a fun place.”

Stallone recently launched his own reality TV series, and the actor previously explained that he wanted to make the show while he’s “still relevant”.

Asked about his motivation for making ‘The Family Stallone’, he told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “This would be great to share this notoriety with a reality show while you’re still relevant.”

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