Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Charlie Benante of Anthrax recently released an Instagram post in which he was pranked by Phil Anselmo of Pantera. To scare Benante away, Anselmo is seen crouching in the shadow of a massive stack of amps and covering himself with a dark blanket.

Benante jumps in surprise as Anselmo pounces on him as he moves unknowingly approaching his kit to resume the band’s performance. The video’s caption is as follows: “Phil Anselmo creates the house of shock (for a minute) on stage and freaks me the hell out!”

Though it appears like they have a good time during most of their events, this is not always the case. Pantera and Benante both received unfavorable feedback from fans after continuing to tour without Dimebag Darrel and Vinnie Paul. Nonetheless, the drummer’s most recent post made many people giggle. You may watch the video here.

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