[Latest] Top 10 Best Korean Movies to Watch

In recent years, “Korean films” have begun to receive worldwide attention, as evidenced by the huge success of “Parasite” last year. It’s a genre, but it’s actually a diverse range of genres, including love stories, action and human drama. There are many masterpieces and masterpieces in Korea. Based on IMDb ratings and our own opinion from such masterpieces of Korean movies, we really recommend Here are the top 10 Korean movies you can do!

10: The Age of Shadows

The film was released in 2016 with Kim Ji-woon, who directed The Last Stand, and starred in the lead role of Song Gang-ho of Parasite fame.

It takes place in Korea under the rule of the Japanese Empire. Lee Jong Chul of the Japanese police, played by Song Gang-ho, becomes independent under the direction of the chief, Higashi, played by Shingo Tsurumi He infiltrates the extremist group, the Yiyeolu Gang, but behind the scenes, the leader of the group, played by Lee Byung-hun, is actually the leader of the group. Jeong Chae San was planning to bring Jong Chul to the righteous gang!

Jung-chul’s conflicted feelings towards the Ui-Yeol Troupe and the conflict between the two organizations will make your heart beat faster.

IMDb Rating 7.1

9: Miracle in Cell No. 7

This film is a very popular sensation film released in 2013, which has attracted more than 12 million people in Korea and won four Daejong Awards, the “Korean Academy Awards”.

Lee Young-gu, played by Ryu Seung-ryong, is mentally challenged but his beloved, played by Kalsowon. She was living with her daughter, Yeosun. One day, however, Young-gu was arrested for the murder of an unidentified child and sent to prison cell number seven. I’m going to jail! Young-gu lives a difficult life in prison, separated from his beloved daughter. However, he is a serious and open-minded man, and his fellow inmates in cell 7 are attracted to him, and they try to reunite the two children. I’m scrambling.

Will Yong be proven innocent? . And “Will I be able to safely get my life back with my beloved daughter? . The tight bond between father and son and the heartbreaking story of this film will make you cry!

IMDb Rating 8.2

8: The Man from Nowhere

This film was released in 2010 and stars the very popular Japanese actor Won Bin in the lead role.

The protagonist, Cha Tae-shik, a former special agent, was living a quiet life in a small pawnshop when a neighbor’s house Somi, a poor girl living in the house, calls him “Ajoshi (uncle)” and licks his lips. Taesik gradually opens up to Somi, but one day, Somi and her mother come to know who she is. I’m going to be abducted by the In order to track down a mother and her son, Tae-sik has to go out into the outside world once again to fight the darkness of society.

It’s very cool to see the dull pawnbroker protagonist revert to his former special agent form for Somi, and the exhilarating action is well worth watching!

IMDb Rating 7.8

7: The Wailing

This 2016 film is directed by Na Hong-jin, known for his violent and graphic films such as The Chaser and The Sad Beast, which was released in 2016.

It takes place in the idyllic rural village of Goksung. In this peaceful village, a series of incidents occur in which villagers slaughter their families. However, no one in the village has a motive for the murders and the cause of death is inexplicable, which makes the investigation difficult. As a result, there are rumors that a Japanese man who has recently moved deep into the mountains of the village is involved in the recent murders. It starts to stand. Jung, the policeman in charge of the investigation, doesn’t take the rumors seriously, but the case and the Japanese In the course of investigating the connection between the man in

It’s not so much a reality suspense film as it is one that deals with curses and other paranormal phenomena, especially at the end when we finally get to the bottom of what happened, which is very shocking!

IMDb Rating 7.5

6: My Sassy Girl

The film is a romantic comedy film released in 2001, based on an internet novel. After the release of the film, it became a huge hit in Korea, with the “bizarre boom” going viral, and the lead actor, Jeon Ji-hyun, played the lead role in this film. She’s become a very popular actress!

Kyung-woo, a college student, meets his “girlfriend” (played by Jeon Ji-hyun) and starts a relationship with her by chance. She has a strong personality that doesn’t like to be bent! Kyung-woo is always pushed around by her, sometimes violently. But when he learns of her sad past, he tries to be there for her and heals her wounds. He begins to struggle.

The comical interaction between Kyung-woo and his strong character “girlfriend” is very funny! Also, the sight of a healthy couple trying to overcome her dark past is very tear-jerking. I am!

IMDb Rating 8.0

5: Motherhood

Directed by Bong Joon-ho in 2009, this film won the 30th Blue Dragon Award for Best Film.

Won Bin’s mentally challenged son, Tojoon, plays a girl who tries and fails to pick up a girl one day, but the next day He will be arrested for murder for being found dead! Her mother, who cares about her son, believes that her son would never commit murder, and the police She consults with a lawyer, but they don’t agree. In the midst of all this, the mother decides to solve the case by herself to prove her son’s innocence and scrambles to prove it.

I highly recommend this movie as it has something in common with “Parasite” which was released last year with its shocking ending and dark worldview.

IMDb Rating 7.8

4: A Moment to Remember

This film is a love story film released in 2004 starring Woo-seong Chung and Ye Jin Son. It was a big hit in both Korea and Japan. It was a big hit in both Korea and Japan and became the highest-grossing Korean film in Japan. It is based on the TV drama “Pure Soul” broadcast in Japan.

Su Jin works as an office worker for a construction company and dreams of becoming an architect. She meets Cheol-soo, who works, and despite their different upbringing, they are attracted to each other and get married. However, just as they are living happily ever after, she discovers that Su-Jin is suffering from juvenile Alzheimer’s disease. Turns out! It was a disease that slowly led to memory loss and eventual psychological death. Su-jin’s memories are being lost day by day, and even her husband, Cheol-su, cannot be recovered from her memory. She disappears. But Cheol-soo decides to continue supporting her as she loses more and more of her memory in the midst of her big conflict. The!

It’s a sad, sad love story about memory loss and a very tearful movie! Su Jin, who also suffers from juvenile Alzheimer’s, is currently on Netflix’s hot Korean drama “Love’s Sung Ye-jin plays the lead role in “Emergency Landing”. Fans of “Love’s Trapped Landing” must go for it!

IMDb Rating 8.2

3: Memories of Murder

This film is another suspense film directed by Bong Joon-ho and released in 2003. It won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at the 40th Daejong Awards.

The story takes place in South Korea in the 1980s, when the country was still under military rule. Detective Park, played by Song Kang-ho, is in charge of a series of murders in an idyllic village. However, Korean police at the time were wild and sloppy in their investigations. Detective Park is one such police officer who has solved cases through intense questioning and violence. Detective Seo, played by Kim Sang-kyung, who is dispatched by the Seoul Forensic Science Unit, uses investigative techniques to Detective Park and I are in a heated confrontation! Will the case ever be solved? And who exactly is the killer?

It’s a thrilling and tense atmosphere all the way through, especially the final scene, which is too shocking to forget. I can’t do that. After all, director Bong Joon-ho and Song Gang-ho aren’t out of line!

IMDb Rating 8.1

2: Parasite

(Credit: Parasite)

The film is a black comedy film directed by Bong Joon-ho that was a worldwide hit last year. This is the fourth time director Bong Joon-ho and Song Kang-ho have teamed up to win four Oscars for The film was one of the most critically acclaimed films in the history of Korean cinema, winning an award and the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Kim family is living in poverty, all of whom are unemployed, when The Kim family’s unbelievable plan for stepping into CEO Park’s mansion as a tutor begins…..

A satirical social commentary on the inequality in contemporary Korea, yet unpredictable in the style of director Bong Joon-ho. It’s a very compelling piece of work that draws you in with its development and description. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should!

IMDb Rating 8.6

1: Old Boy

Directed by Chan-wook Park, who is mainly involved in foreign dramas, this is a Korean film released in 2003, which has received second only to Parasite, including the Special Grand Prix of the Jury at the 57th Cannes International Film Festival.

Oh Daes, played by Choi Min-sook, is an ordinary office worker who is suddenly kidnapped on his way home one day. He is held in a small room for 15 years. In addition, his wife is killed during his confinement and he is framed for the crime. But suddenly, after 15 years, Death is freed and vows to take revenge against Woo-jin, the perpetrator of the series. Will he be able to achieve his revenge? And what exactly is Woo-jin’s aim?

The “Woo-jin’s aim” that is revealed as the story progresses is shocking and graphic, and “the aftertaste is bad! Some of you may think that this is a good idea. But the story is cleverly crafted and a very entertaining film, so be sure to watch it!

IMDb Rating 8.4


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The films listed here range from love stories to thought-provoking movies, but they’re all interesting, so why not check them out?

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