BLACKPINK comeback schedule leaked in Taiwan, first full album released!

BLACKPINK have found out that they are releasing their first full album in their fifth year of debut.

BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule has been leaked in Taiwan and is being talked about.

According to information leaked in Taiwan, BLACKPINK released a music video on June 12.

The band will release their first full-length album on June 13.

BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule information was released to Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform ‘Shopee Taiwan’ store, BLACKPINK’s comeback information.


Comeback date: June 12(Fri) Music video release

Album release date: June 13 (Saturday), 1st full album



BLACKPINK comeback office YG Entertainment announced through the media on May 4, “BLACKPINK will make a comeback in June”.

BLACKPINK’s comeback was predicted by the media to be in early/mid June.

YG rookie boy group ‘TREASURE (Treasure)’ to debut in July, BLACKPINK comeback in late June and late.

In early June, TWICE will be making a comeback on one day, so they won’t be making a comeback on purpose.

As a result, mid-June is the best time to do so. The information leak from Taiwan appears to be credible.

BLACKPINK released the album ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ last year when the music video was released in advance and the album was released the next day.


One thing I doubt is that the album’s release date was a Saturday.

Usually, idol groups release their albums on Mondays.

Few idol groups release albums over the weekend.

If you look at the album days BLACKPINK has released so far



▶ 1st Album – Monday, August 8, 2016

▶ 2nd Album – Sunday, November 1, 2016

▶ 3rd Album – Thursday, June 22, 2017

▶ Mini 1st Album – Friday, June 15, 2018

▶ Mini 2nd album – Sunday, April 5, 2019

BLACKPINK has only one album release on Monday and two on Sunday.

By the looks of it, a weekend album release is not uncommon for BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK fans are happy for the first full album and look forward to what songs are included in the first full album.

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