Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

The E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen were in the middle of an international tour when an unexpected incident occurred. According to Consequence’s Twitter page, the band’s main vocalist slipped and collapsed on stage during their concert at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijff Arena. The event’s film showed Springsteen attempting to mount the stage steps while playing ‘Ghosts.’ However, his instrument got in the way and caused him to stumble. His band members rushed to his aid, assisting him in getting back on his feet. The singer proceeded to play, seemingly unaffected by the fall, and even improved the mood of the frightened spectators. Before returning to the stage, he addressed the audience with a funny shout:

“Goodnight, everybody!” This wasn’t The Boss’ first time onstage. Another mistake occurred during a concert in Atlanta, according to a TMZ report from early 2023. Springsteen inadvertently whacked his tech, Kevin Buell, on the head with a flying guitar while performing one of his renowned rock star movements. Fortunately, Buell was not seriously injured in the incident. After ascertaining that his technician was unharmed, the vocalist lightened the mood with a joke, saying: “One man down.” The videos below show Bruce Springsteen’s fall and guitar mishap.


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