BTS Vi & actress Kim Yoo Jung’s passionate love theory emerged!

On August 28, BTS Vy and actress Kim Yu-Jung renewed their attention on China’s most popular mini-blog site, Weibo.

At the beginning of this year, two people’s theory of enthusiasm emerged, but this time there is a hoax that new evidence of companionship has been found.

◈ Why did the two enthusiastic theories emerge at the beginning of this year?

On January 10, 2020, Kim Yoo Jung posted a photo of V-pose in the subway on his Instagram. The next day, January 11, BTS Vi also released a photo of the subway ride to the fan community. There was a rumor that the two were shooting each other while dating on the same day. However, Vi took a picture with the subway line 9 in the background, but Kim Yujeong took a picture with the subway line 2 in the background, and it was revealed that the rumor was not a fact because the route was different.

<Vi & Kim Yujeong from China, recent date evidence>

On July 31, Kim Yoo Jung posted a photo with a bouquet and a photo while sitting in his car on Instagram.

Chinese internet users claim that the interior of this car is similar to the “Genesis GV80” interior purchased by Vi earlier this year.

“The actual inside of Genesis GV80>


<Evidence of the past two people’s love theory (Chinese hoax)>

*All the evidence is just an individual claim and has not been confirmed.

The pillows at Vi’s house are the same as the Kim Yujeong pillows.

Vi has tagged “#yourlovev”, similar to Kim Yujeong’s Instagram account name “you_r_love”.

On August 25, 2019, both Vi and Kim Yujeong were in Jeju Island.

Claims that the legs in the picture of Kim Yoo Jung are Vi’s legs.

In March of this year, Vi and Kim Yoo Jung posted similar beach photos.

Wear the same sunglasses.

Kim Yoo Jung replied that his favorite color was purple.

BTS official color is purple.

Vi and Kim Yoo Jung love the music of John Legend.

There is a mark of a cat scratched on Vi’s arm, but Kim Yujeong has a cat.

I wear the same bracelet.

BTS fans ARMY and others argued against the hoax from China.

▶The photo that Vi took on Jeju Island on the 25th was taken while spending a vacation with actor Park So-jun and friends.

▶Sunglasses are a shared item of Vi and Jung Kook.

▶Kim Yoo Jung The foot shown in the photo was confirmed to be the foot of Kim Yoo Jung’s mother.

ARMYs have called on the online community to stop playing more unfounded hoaxes.

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