5 Best Hyun Bin Dramas Too Perfect ♡ Profile

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin’s smiling dimples are a charming feature, and his refreshing masculinity makes him a fan of many women. He is a popular Korean actor who has been a captive audience. Every time he appears in a movie or drama, he becomes a hot topic of conversation, and he is …

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[Latest] Top 10 Best Korean Movies to Watch


In recent years, “Korean films” have begun to receive worldwide attention, as evidenced by the huge success of “Parasite” last year. It’s a genre, but it’s actually a diverse range of genres, including love stories, action and human drama. There are many masterpieces and masterpieces in Korea. Based on IMDb …

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We’ve picked up 20 new K-POP artists to watch in 2020!

As we enter the year 2020, more and more promising newcomers are making their debuts, with the likes of BTS (Bulletproof Shonen), TWICE and BLACKPINK at the forefront of the global K-POP scene. There were more than 20 pairs. From rookie idols at famous agencies to solo debuts, Koreaboo profiles …

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Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Band and Idols

K-pop usually refers to the Korean pop music world, and is also a general term for all things related to Korean pop culture. In 2012, Psy’s “Jiangnan Style” had more than 3 billion views on YouTube, which attracted the attention of the international music industry. Since then, many K-pop groups …

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