Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Cliff Williams”simple dirty AC/DC baselines’ influenced Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, who recently acknowledged the influence of Cliff Williams”simple dirty AC/DC baselines’ on crafting his own distinct sound. Sixx recently tweeted his appreciation for the influence these baselines have had on his musical style, particularly when combined with power pop and punk bands. Sixx’s tweet indicated his early love of the bass guitar and affection for AC/DC’s basic yet nasty basslines. He acknowledged Williams with helping him establish his distinctive approach. ‘Primal Scream,’ in particular, is a prime illustration of the synthesis of styles that marks Sixx’s bass playing. Cliff Williams influenced Nikki Sixx’s sound in the following ways:

“Thank you so much. When I was younger, I was enamored with the simplistic nasty basslines of AC/DC and other power pop and punk bands. I prefer to keep it tight in the pocket before releasing it for fills and melodic runs. “A perfect example is ‘Primal Scream.'” Finally, the influence of Cliff’s simplistic and gritty baselines on Nikki’s bass playing demonstrates the power of artist and genre cross-pollination. As performers continue to draw on numerous influences in the genre, they develop their own distinct voices, which influenced Nikki’s.

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