Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Corey Taylor of Slipknot spoke on the latest edition of SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’ about his new upcoming solo album and how he is handling the touring. The frontman announced the following tours: “I’ll be in Europe and the United Kingdom for three and a half weeks with Slipknot.” We’ll be gone for the majority of June. We’ll be performing at the Download event in the United Kingdom. We’re also performing at all of Europe’s major festivals, including Graspop, Copenhell, and, I believe, Roskilde. We’ll be doing Resurrection Fest in Spain at the end. We’re kind of experimenting [sic]. I’m sure we’re doing a lot of things in Germany as well.”

He continues with the festivals and shows that will take place later, adding: “Man, we’re still incredibly lucky to be able to do those festivals. It’s enormous. But we also have a couple of ‘off’ shows that we do… In July, we’ll be performing in the United States. We’re participating in Rock Fest and Inkcarceration. And then we have Blue Ridge, which is going to be a difficult week for me. So I’m performing Blue Ridge with Slipknot, and then we’re doing Blue Ridge with CMFT two days later.”

Taylor also discusses the difficulties of being a musician, particularly when not performing as a single artist: “So I have to fly out of the CMFT tour [with my solo band], do the Slipknot show at Blue Ridge, and then fly back to the CMFT tour.” So four shows in a row is difficult. It’s going to kill me. But we’ll be out in favor of ‘CMF2’ from the end of August until the beginning of October. And then the album arrives right in the thick of it. So it’s ideal.”

Corey Taylor’s first solo album, ‘CMFT,’ debuted at number one on Billboard’s US Top Rock Album charts. The rocker has scheduled a tour in 2023 in support of his new album, with special guests Wargasm, Oxymorrons, and Luna Aura. The Live Nation-produced 28-city tour kicks up on August 25 in Denver. You can view the tour dates and purchase tickets here.

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