Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Courtney Love recently took to Twitter to highlight the one person who has been essential in her ability to keep Kurt Cobain’s estate in her possession. This surprising disclosure came in response to a tweet on Britney Spears’ conservatorship case. Love, who is not afraid to express herself on social media, frequently uses the site to expose what she considers to be problematic or unjust. Her recent dislike of U2’s association with Irving Azoff’s Full Stop Management, for example, was more disheartening than Lou Taylor’s contentious actions in the music industry. Having previously discussed this type of issue, the musician has also been a vocal advocate for Britney Spears in her fight against her father’s conservatorship and TriStar, the management company with which she worked.

Indeed, following the latter’s threats against the company, in which she openly named Taylor and Robin Greenhill, she revealed that the two had sought to harm her and her family in the same way they had targeted Britney. Of course, this was not the only time she mentioned the subject. A Twitter user recently alleged that others in Britney’s life, including her ex-assistant Felicia Culotta, had not done enough to support her. The user also said that Spears’ old manager, Sam Lutfi, was one of the few people who actually sought to get her out of conservatorship. In her statement, Love backed up this point of view, indicating that Lutfi was the sole individual who attempted to prevent the conservatorship. She also stated that he entered her life because he was aware of individuals attempting to steal Kurt Cobain’s estate and subsequently aided her in the fight to save it.

The Hole singer explained: “I had a chaotic/messy period with Sam Lutfi, who never wavered from this.” Easy scapegoat: wrong place, wrong time, wrong skin color. He came into my life because he was aware of who was attempting to steal Kurt’s estate, which we still hold. He is the only person who has regularly attempted to end Britney’s conservatorship over the past 12 years.” Interestingly, Sam Lutfi was Courtney Love’s manager until she filed a restraining order against him in 2018. This is comparable to Britney Spears’ family filing a restraining order against Lutfi in the early 2000s, accusing him of seeking to control the singer’s life and finances.

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