Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Courtney Love, a rock artist, recently recounted her memories of the late Kurt Cobain on a recent episode of the program 60 Songs That Explained the 1990s. This comes a month after she paid tribute to the Nirvana frontman on Instagram for the 28th anniversary of his death. Love mentioned Eric Erlandson, Pat Smear, and Roddy Bottum as crucial persons who supported Cobain during the intervention and his final days during her speech. She discussed the extremely demanding period that led to their split and the fear she felt when the late singer unexpectedly departed the treatment institution. Former Hole singer revealed:

“For five days, no one knew where the f – k he was. Charlie [Hunnam] certainly does. Charlie’s point is that they don’t want you to know who they are; they’re generally dead, and/or they’ve returned to their own country. Okay, anything, I guess. But there were like five days lost, and I’m stressing out. I’m telling you that I believe he’s in town. So, Gibby [Haynes] is with him in Exodus, and Gibby says, ‘Hop the fence.’ When I contacted Exodus, they claimed he was having a lung X-ray. ‘Yeah, no, that’s not true,’ I say. And then I begin to panic. He’s known as CLS, and he’s also known as an automobile. [Duff] McKagan was probably on the plane home with him. They were sat next to one other. That is what happened. And then he’s gone.”

Love revealed her desperate attempts to contact Cobain, which included calling hotels under fictitious names, during a surge of public reaction at the time. She expressed her displeasure after a hotel failed to connect the late Nirvana member’s phone call to her. As the subject turned to his suicide, the singer shared a somber viewpoint on her late husband’s death. She stated: “It’s not a thing that – I’m not sure if we live there?” Do we live here? It’s a huge thing to take your own life like that. I noticed something more related to oneness and the fact that we are all interconnected. Love and forgiveness, and once more, the hero died, the fool survived, and here I am.” In the video below, you can hear Love’s full explanations.

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