Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Dave Mustaine recently stated on the Jeremy White Show that when people refer to him as the “godfather of metal,” he feels a little self-conscious because he believes other musicians played a role alongside him. The guitarist expressed his feelings on being dubbed the “Godfather of Metal”: “I get shy when people say I’m the godfather of metal, and it’s going to sound lame, but I almost feel embarrassed because, while I was a big part of it and I was there, there were other people there, and I really love to give them credit, too.”

Mustaine continued, acknowledging the contributions of other bands to the scene: “Metallica’s guys and I aren’t the only ones. There were guys in bands like Lz Rockit, which is an unknown band now, and I don’t think it would mean anything anymore. Hirax. I believe they are still attempting, but that was a band that never received the break they required. Of course, Exodus is a fantastic band. Metallica created a brilliant guitarist, but Exodus never got that massive door to open for them. Gary Holt, who went on to play with Slayer, was another excellent guitarist, and I believe Gary is the sound of Exodus.”

He also mentioned the following metal bands: “There are other bands like Testament and Overkill.” My God, there are so many bands involved in the scene. They simply arrived a little after me, so I feel like we have to remember all these other guys.” This is not the first time Dave Mustaine has been asked if he is “thrash metal’s godfather.” In a 2016 interview with Loudwire, the guitarist offered a contrasting perspective, claiming that there might not have been thrash metal or even a band like Metallica without him.

He appreciated James Hetfield’s guitar skills as well, but underlined his own importance. You may see his most recent interview below.

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