Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

David Ellefson recently opened up about being forced out of Megadeth and the grief time that followed, discussing his journey of healing and moving forward with Dieth. After being kicked out of Megadeth in 2021, Ellefson went through a long period of bereavement. On May 24, 2021, Dave Mustaine declared on behalf of the band that Ellefson had been fired due to allegations of sexual misbehavior with an underage fan. Ellefson denied any misconduct, and the other participant likewise denied being underage, alleging that explicit videos were released without her permission. Ellefson reminisced on his grief phase after leaving Megadeth in the interview, noting the difficulties he endured during this terrible time. To the surprise of his followers, he also addressed how his new endeavor, Dieth, helped him recover and move forward. Dieth’s formation not only heralded a new beginning for the brilliant bassist, but also provided an opportunity for him to demonstrate his passion to his craft.

He stated: “With the previous band, I obviously went through a shift. It’s very public, and I believe for me, I took some time to simply mourn and let that go, but at the same time, I was always busy working on new things, and Dieth was one of them. Last year, as we descended into the Hall of the Hanging Serpents, I suppose people were thinking, ‘F*ck yeah! David Ellefson has returned!’ He’s not laying down, he’s not accepting crap, he’s f*cking standing up and getting back on track in life. “There’s a Japanese proverb that says, ‘If you fall down seven times, you get up eight.'” Dieth was formed as a result of David Ellefson’s road to redemption. Dieth, comprised of Ellefson, Guilherme Miranda, and Micha ysejko, is about to release their highly awaited debut full-length album via Napalm Records. The record, titled ‘To Hell And Back,’ will be released on June 2, 2023.

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