Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Dee Snider recently backed Paul Stanley’s views on gender identification and affirmation, causing his following to split into two polar parties on Twitter while Snider himself was forced to cancel an event. Stanley recently sparked controversy on Twitter by issuing a comment regarding gender affirmation and opposing sex reassignment surgery in minors. This sparked enough debate that most people began taking sides, and the Twisted Sister frontman was among those who stated their position. Snider responded to Paul’s tweet by agreeing with him, saying he was grateful his parents didn’t jump to ‘rash assumptions’ whenever he used to ‘feel lovely’ or feminine as a child. His followers then began to question whether they supported Dee, prompting the artist to elaborate on his support for the KISS frontman.

After a critic suggested that Snider would prefer a ‘traditional’ Christian upbringing in which parents would abuse their children for having long hair or wearing makeup, the rocker responded by saying the user knew nothing about him and that he had never received harsh criticism or abuse for wearing makeup or having long hair in his Christian household. He then responded to another tweet that questioned whether Dee genuinely supported Paul and shared his ideas; the singer reiterated his stance by joking about having to turn in his LGBTQIA+ ally membership card now, only to say he might need it later. Following these tweets, the San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration community announced that they had dropped Snider from his scheduled performance, canceling the rocker’s show to condemn his support for Paul’s statement and recent tweets. Dee Snider backed Stanley in the following ways: “Do you know what?” I, too, ‘felt pretty’ at one point. I’m glad my folks didn’t jump to conclusions.

Paul Stanley, you said it perfectly.” When a fan saw this tweet, he said: “I guess Dee Snider would have preferred traditional American Christianity, where you beat the sh*t out of your kids for having long hair [and] makeup.” Snider responded quickly: “Jesus… or should I say Christ? Do you have any information on me? Born and bred as a Christian choirboy, my mother was a Sunday school teacher, and my father was a cop/vet hardass. I was never chastised for wearing makeup or having long hair. Not to suggest that some aren’t. But you’re a complete moron.” When a fan expressed surprise at Dee’s attitude on the topic and inquired if any of this was real, Dee responded: “Apparently so. I guess I’ll just have to turn in my LGBTQIA+ membership card… Oh no! I’m going to need it badly – to be announced.”

While some fans praised Snider for saying what he wanted to say and not holding back, others appeared to be disappointed and enraged that the singer supported Paul and shared the KISS rocker’s views, resulting in a new controversy on Dee’s behalf and a show cancellation.

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