Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister recently turned to Twitter to pay tribute to Lemmy Kilmister. In a series of tweets, he recalled their friendship and offered light on the late musician’s attitude about his nondrinker lifestyle. Snider started the dialogue by retweeting a photo of him and Kilmister in Sweden. He stated his adoration and longing for the musician over the image. His words were as follows: “Lord, I adored and mourned that man. Such a powerful force in the globe.” A fan inquired of the vocalist whether the late bassist had ever criticized him for abstaining from drinking. In answer, he recalled their first meeting and offered light on their friendship’s drug and alcohol dynamics. The tweets prompted another user to inquire about his friendship with Frank Zappa, questioning if the guitarist’s aversion to narcotics had any impact on their bond. Snider affirmed Zappa’s approach to substance abuse, but also provided a list of people from their group of ‘teetotalers.’

He began by writing: “When Lemmy and I first met, he pulled me into a side room and laid out two lines of coke.” ‘I don’t get high,’ I said. Lemmy gazed at me for a second before saying, ‘More for me!’ and performing both lines. And it was the end of our friendship. He drank and did drugs for both of us!” Then he went on to say: “There was Frank Zappa, Gene Simmons, Angus Young, Ted Nugent, and me.” “Everyone is a teetotaler!” The conversation can be seen in the tweets below.

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