Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Dee Snider recently weighed in on the never-ending discussion about who the greatest frontperson of all time was after a fan tweeted about how much of a brilliant ‘frontwoman’ Ann Wilson was. Twisted Sister’s rocker, on the other hand, seems to disagree, tweeting:”And here we are again… Does having a wonderful voice make someone a great front person or a great singer? Ann Wilson is undeniably one of the best female vocalists of all time, but I’ve seen her perform live… She does not have control of the stage. But she isn’t required to.

” As Snider believed that having a wonderful voice did not necessarily imply being a brilliant performer, one fan suggested that Alice Cooper, with his stage antics, could be the model frontman. The argument, however, was insufficient to persuade Dee, as the rocker explained why Cooper also didn’t suit the shoe, stating: “Uh-oh. When I offered my appraisal of Alice [one of my main influences], his boss was not pleased. In my perspective, Alice [like Michael Jackson] belongs in the third group… Performer. Frontmen are more impulsive [and] communicate with the crowd. The choreography of performers has improved.” Fans began calling Freddie Mercury as the best of all time after seeing how the singer established the traits of the model frontman, but Snider had none of it, as he chose someone he thought could upstage Mercury, revealing:

“For what it’s worth, in my considered, educated opinion, James Brown is the greatest singer [and9 frontman in history, bar none.” Watch any documentary about the man [typically produced and funded by Mick Jagger], James Brown was incredible.” However, when Mercury’s followers protested his stance on Brown, continuing to regard the Queen singer as the ‘greatest showman of all time,’ he was forced to back down. Dee would not back down from his remarks on James, claiming that he believed the late rocker could have rocked harder than Freddie: “Freddie was fantastic!” [However], James Brown would devour him for lunch. Just a thought!” Snider went on to praise his other picks, including Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Bruce Dickinson, and Judas Priest’s Robert Halford, writing about how they became outstanding vocalists and impressive showmen.

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