Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Outlaws frontman Henry Paul finds time to speak with Rock History Music as their 2023 North American tour continues with a stop in California. During the conversation, the singer discussed artist-fan interactions and the differences in attitudes toward fans between James Taylor and Don Henley. When it comes to people’s opinions on famous rockers, Paul first explains what he prefers in his relationship with the audience, which is as follows: “There is a lot of perception. We’re only regular people, after all. We simply make records. We write and record music. We walk out on stage and chat to the audience. You tell people if you’re me; if you’re standing there, you tell people what I want to hear, not what I believe they want to hear. That’s exactly what I want to hear. I want to hear someone talk to me the way I want to be talked to.”

Then, using Taylor’s and Henley’s onstage speeches as examples, the Outlaws vocalist sketched a picture of the kind of relationship he hoped to build. He also disclosed what gave the ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ singer the upper hand in this situation, saying: “So, I don’t wanna – You know, there’s so much pandering and so many busy horses- that goes into the report.” On stage, you listen to James Taylor. It’s like a high altar of completely wonderful fan relationships. For me, James Taylor is it. He’s fantastic in that way.

Maybe Don Henley is a little sanctimonious here and there, or a little distant. He sure has something to say! I’m not sure. I basically go for the best I can find and attempt to emulate and learn from them. And simply strive to be a part of that community.” The distance Paul saw from the Eagles drummer’s onstage presence is actually a feature of his day-to-day contacts with his followers, as he has some artist-fan limits. However, in a 2015 interview with The Guardian, he stated that his reserved character is the reason behind his attitude to fan encounters.

Here’s what the drummer had to say in 2015: “I don’t mind signing stuff if people approach me respectfully, but if they rush up to me and start jumping and screaming and making a commotion… […] It is done by adults. Grown males and women. And I despise it. [Because I’m] reticent and shy.” The video below features Henry Paul’s interview.

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