Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Eric Cantona, who recently released his debut single ‘The Friends We Lost,’ spoke with The Guardian. During the interview, he expressed his respect for The Doors and revealed a detail regarding Jim Morrison’s dying hours. Cantona began by revealing his affinity to the band’s music, saying: “I was taken aback. The lyrics, the intensity, and the live performances are all fantastic. My life was completely transformed when I met them. […] I meant in a spiritual sense. As a result, I was motivated. ‘Break on Through (To the Other Side)’ and ‘The End’ have a cinematic feel to them. We feel Jim Morrison’s independence in his songs.”

When asked who was the last person to see Morrison alive, the singer replied simply: “Agnes Varda.”Without further ado, he returned to discuss his musical influences: “The most recent people who influenced me were Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Daniel Johnston.” […] I despise it when people try t o imitate others. Everyone has their unique personality, and I don’t want to be like anyone else. I attempted to find my voice. As a result, I never took lessons. And I discovered it. “I feel completely connected to my voice.” to Cantona’s story concerning Varda, she was among those who saw Morrison just before his death. However, her eyewitness account of his dying days, which Classic Rock published in 2021, shows she wasn’t the last person to see him.

In response to the allegations made against her, she stated: “All I know is that I saw Jim Morrison a few days before he died, and he didn’t appear to be in good health.” I recall him being in bad shape. Pamela then called me in the morning and said he doesn’t seem good. Alain called me the day before, and Jim isn’t in great form, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. He wasn’t feeling good. But look at me: I’m not the one who’s holding his hand.” For many years, people have been debating Jim Morrison’s death. Despite numerous speculations, the former Doors vocalist was discovered dead in his Paris apartment’s bathtub, with the cause of death listed as heart failure.

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