Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Tommy Stinson, who played bass with Guns N’ Roses from 1998 to 2014, recently spoke on the Appetite For Distortion podcast and stated that Axl Rose should be grateful to him because the frontman’s career took a huge step ahead following his departure. Stinson remarked of his difficult decision to leave GNR and Axl’s reaction: “I got into a situation where I needed to be at home.” And I had to make a judgment on the tours that were being discussed. And that was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make, but I had no option; I had to do it. It certainly put me in a negative light with Axl, because he was unhappy and didn’t like it at all.”

However, the bassist believes that Rose should be grateful for his departure because the vocalist eventually had the opportunity to perform with AC/DC: “I can’t help but think that if [Axl] looked back now at what he did and what he’s done since I quit, he might be glad that happened [Laughs].” You understand what I mean? I mean, for him to go out and tour with AC/DC [as a temporary replacement for Brian Johnson] was a huge deal in rock and roll history in and of itself, but I can’t imagine him now looking back and saying, ‘I wouldn’t have probably done that if Tommy hadn’t quit, and we’d just done those tours and just kept going.'” According to Tommy, the classic lineup of GNR would not have reformed at the moment if he hadn’t left:

“Reuniting the entire band would not have happened — at least not then; it might have, maybe now.” But I believe everything is going swimmingly for him. I can’t fathom him being unhappy.” Stinson discussed his resignation with Rolling Stone again in 2017, noting that leaving the band was not his original plan. Nonetheless, he was unable to tour due to a hectic situation at home. He elaborated: “I had no intention of leaving Guns N’ Roses.” But I had to tell them five times in a row that my condition at home was so bad that I couldn’t tour. I hope that was the catalyst for the reunion [with Slash and Duff McKagan], because I know all of those guys and they’re having a great time. I went on the tour twice. I’m grateful for them.” You can watch the entire conversation below.

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