The final episode of the drama “The World of The Married” received 28.4% viewership rating, making it the top 10 non-terrestrial drama of all time!

Korea’s JTBC Kimdo drama “The World of The Married” ended after its broadcast on May 16.

Although the 16th (final) episode of Married World failed to break the 30% mark with 28.4% ratings (nationwide), it recorded 31.7% on a metropolitan basis, making it the first non-terrestrial drama in its history to surpass 30% in viewership.


It didn’t have a shocking ending in the final episode.

It implies that the inseparable thread between Chi Seonu and Lee Teo has finally broken off.

While the original story ends with a long wait for the son who ran away from home


In “The World of Couples,” the scene ended with Jun Young coming home after running away from home.

One interpretation is that this is Ji Sonu’s dream, but it was a very good ending to the drama.


What kind of relationship should a husband and wife be in? What does family mean to you? The curtain came down on “The World of Couples,” which raised questions about that role.


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The final episode of “The World of Couples” recorded a 28.371% viewership rating, once again breaking the record for the highest non-terrestrial drama and becoming the No. 1 viewership rating among all dramas broadcasted this year, including terrestrial dramas.

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