Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The Wise-Man of the Bloodline spoke about the former 16-time world champion during a recent interview on the Tetragrammaton podcast. Heyman would call Cena a real life superhero, a man he admires so much that he plans on showing his grandchildren footage of what Cena did outside of wrestling to prove what a good man he has been.

John Cena to me is a real life hero. He’s a superhero. When I become a grandparent one day, if I’m asked what my grandchildren should watch, or read comic books or whatever, it will not be watch Superman, or Batman, or Spider-Man, or the Incredible Hulk. You want to see a superhero? Go see what John Cena did with his life outside of the ring. That man’s a superhero. I don’t have the words to convey the admiration I have for John Cena as a human being.

Cena has granted more Make-A-Wishes than anyone else in history. Heyman reveals that Vince McMahon actually had to have a conversation with Cena about taking his Make A Wish visits public since Cena was doing it without any press.

There had to come a point in time where Vince [McMahon] had to sit down with John and say, ‘You need to let me go public with these Make A Wish visits. You have to. You know you’re hurting Make A Wish by not allowing me to do that. Because if people understood how much of your time you give to Make A Wish and to these kids, they’ll be inclined to contribute. They’ll be inclined to get involved. You will help them if you allow this.’ Because Cena never wanted to exploit it. He never wanted publicity for it.

He never wanted recognition for it. He wanted to just do it. That’s a hero. People who go through life and say, ‘I’m going to do this because God will smile on me and it’s my ticket into heaven.’ Well, then your motivation isn’t really pure, is it? Your motivation is I want something back for this. I want my VIP pass to heaven. I want God to like me because of this. That’s not why John Cena did it. John Cena did it because it was the right thing to do.

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