Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Grey Daze began a new chapter this month when they hosted their first concert in 23 years. The event also marked the band’s first gig without Chester Bennington, and Revolver Magazine captured the experience in an article. Grey Daze expressed gratitude to the magazine on their official Instagram page.

While Bennington was still living, the roots of this reunion were planted. Prior to his untimely departure in 2017, the band intended to reform. Instead of reuniting with the singer, Grey Daze went forward by honoring their previous frontman. They paid tribute to him with two albums: 2020’s ‘Amends’ and 2022’s ‘The Phoenix,’ both of which featured the singer’s pre-recorded voice.

Their performance at UFEST in Arizona, however, was far more than an homage. It was a return performance for the band, demonstrating to everyone that they are still committed to carrying on Bennington’s legacy. They graced the stage alongside original members Cristin Davis, Mace Beyers, and Sean Dowdell, with guest vocalist Cris Hodgers.

Photographer Jim Louvau documented the band’s performance with his camera. Grey Daze acknowledged their gratitude on Instagram, sharing photographs of the event’s enthusiasm as well as Revolver’s special story. They noted in the caption of their post: Thank you for featuring our debut performance at 98KUPD in Revolver Magazine.” Grey Daze is looking forward to playing three more performances in California in July and August. More information about the upcoming gigs, as well as updates, may be found on the band’s official website.

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