Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Hayley Williams of Paramore recently spoke with Glossy about her hair color brand, Good Dye Young, and her experiences with the stigma around bright hair colors. Williams explained that having multicolored hair was once frowned upon, and she wants to help change that attitude. Hayley Williams and her long-time hairstylist, Brian O’Connor, founded Good Dye Young in 2016. Since then, the brand has grown by double digits and is now available in major national retailers. The brand’s popularity reflects a rising acceptance of daring hair colors and styles in mainstream culture. Williams discussed how cultural opinions of vivid hair colors have developed over time in a recent interview. While there are still situations where colorful hair is frowned upon, she explained that the general attitude toward it has become more open and accepting. This shift in viewpoint may be seen in fashion magazines, where models with vibrant hair colors or streaks are now frequent.

Williams was reported to have said: “[Bold hair color] was once frowned upon, and there are definitely situations or circumstances where it is still frowned upon.” And Brian and I are determined to combat that stigma. We aim to make a statement with Good Dye Young by not only providing items but also demonstrating that this is a way of life for people. It is also a matter of personal freedom to express oneself. It’s become far more of a fashion accessory than it ever was. It’s much more widely accepted now. You can now open every fashion magazine and see Marc Jacobs commercials or even runway shows where at least one model has a fashion color or a brilliant color, a streak or a strand, or accessories in their hair, which we also promote. There’s a little more room for fun and games.”

She went on to say: “But man, I’ll tell you something: you’d never, ever feel the excitement around hair dye that you do in the real world when you’re in some freakin’ investment firm’s office.” Some guys are still unaware of the significance of this. And for a long time, Brian and I have attempted to demonstrate that not only have we already proven those individuals wrong, but [the business] is only expanding and becoming stronger. We personally believe in it, and we know how vital it is for young people and all people. It used to be really punk, unique, and badass. And I believe it is now whatever you want it to be. It can literally suit any personality type. That is something I appreciate about hairstyles, but especially about hair color. It’s simply another method of being yourself.” Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor have built a profitable hair dye brand that tackles the stigma associated with bright hair colors. They are changing public attitude by providing high-quality products and pushing the idea that hair color is a form of self-expression and a fashion item.

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