Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

On the topic of whether or not How I Met Your Father has already introduced the titular parent, star Hilary Duff gives a careful and cryptic answer.

Hilary Duff carefully responds to the question of whether How I Met Your Father has already revealed the titular parent. Duff plays lead character Sophie in flashbacks, where she is on a quest to find her soulmate. Meanwhile, Kim Cattrall plays Sophie in 2050 as she tells her son the story of how she met his father. How I Met Your Father’s pilot revealed Sophie met the father during the night covered in that same episode. This positioned characters Jesse, Sid, Charlie, and Ian as the strongest contenders, since Sophie met all of them for the first time that night.

When asked in an interview with Elite Daily whether she is rooting for a specific character to be the father, Duff shares that she is rooting for Josh Peck’s How I Met Your Father character Drew while also teasing that the father may not have been introduced yet. The only requirement the pilot established is that Sophie met the father from that night in her story. Check out Duff’s explanation:

“I don’t know if we’ve met him yet. Our writers are very clever; they’re never going to make it easy for us to guess. In the first episode, my character says, ‘I met your dad this night. He was in the room.’ But I don’t think we’ve necessarily seen all the angles of that room in the flashback. Our creators come from This Is Us, so they’re genius with timeline play.”

Who Will The Father Be?

As Duff explains, it is definitely possible that the father was in the room that night but hasn’t been introduced yet. This approach would be similar to the eponymous mom not being introduced until the How I Met Your Mother season 8 finale, although she and Ted nearly crossed paths multiple times and their lives were unknowingly intertwined throughout the series.

Of the How I Met Your Father characters already introduced, Jesse is the best candidate to be the father. Sophie and Jesse are the Ted and Robin of How I Met Your Father, two characters who have genuine romantic feelings for each other and have a near-constant will-they-won’t-they relationship dynamic made complicated by various obstacles. In 2050, Sophie also has the picture she took of Jesse nearly thirty years ago framed and prominently displayed in her home, and How I Met Your Father season 2 seems to be strongly positioning him as the father.

Sid and Sophie have not shown any signs of romance, yet Sid’s long-distance relationship with Hannah is definitely taking a toll on him. If his marriage eventually falls apart, he and Sophie could potentially end up together. Charlie’s heart still belongs to Sophie’s best friend Val, and Ian and Drew are out of the picture for now. Not knowing the ethnicity of Sophie’s son purposefully makes it more difficult to figure out the identity of How I Met Your Father’s mystery man. However, more clues will likely arrive throughout season 2.

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