Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Wolfgang Van Halen recently spoke with Linearock about his career and next album, offering light on the inspiration behind his music. During the interview, interviewer Barbara Caserta made a connection between Van Halen’s first two studio albums and Mammoth WVH’s debut and sophomore albums, noticing the names’ similarities. She inquired about the new album ‘Mammoth II’s’ substance, wondering if it would be ‘hungrier’ than its predecessor. Wolfgang responded in a lighthearted manner. He jokingly corrected Caserta’s presumption about his inspiration, confessing to ‘ripping off Led Zeppelin,’ and then explained the sound that will be used in the future production.

His words were as follows: “Yeah. Well, one correction: instead of emulating Van Halen, I’m emulating Led Zeppelin. Second, I believe that after touring for two years and really getting to experience the live setting with the band, you can hear a lot of stuff on this new album that was written with the live show in mind. Just heavy rock songs that are advanced and entertaining.” Fans have already had a taste of what to expect from ‘Mammoth II’ with the release of its lead track, ‘Another Celebration at the End of the World.’ There will presumably be more to see when the whole album is released on August 4.

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