Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Amid rumors of Dua Lipa being in talks of joining the DCEU, a new poster imagines the pop star as the live-action Sorceress Supreme, Zatanna Zatara.

A new piece of fan art imagines Dua Lipa as a live-action Zatanna. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson for 1964’s Hawkman #4, Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of Batman’s escape artistry mentor, Giovanni “John” Zatara. A magician both on stage and in real life, Zatanna can cast several powerful spells by pronouncing incantations backward, and this skill has earned her the title of DC’S Sorceress Supreme. In the comics, some of the early arcs center on Zatanna’s quest to find her father, as well as to find out more about her mother, Sindella’s past. Once she fully embodies her superpowered persona, Zatanna joins the Justice League, fighting alongside some of the most notable DC heroes.

Although Zatanna has appeared in a number of animated shows, her only credible live-action appearance was in Smallville, where Serinda Swan played the role. At one point, there were reports that Zatanna would appear in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but those were quashed by the director. Last year WB announced that a Zatanna live-action movie was in development with Promising Young Woman director Emerald Fennell writing the screenplay. However, there has been no update on the movie since. Recently a rumor has been circulating that Dua Lipa is in talks with DC for a new movie. And although there is no information as to how much truth there is to that story, ardent franchise fans are speculating that she could be playing Zatanna. WB and DC still haven’t commented on the reports, but that hasn’t stopped fans from imagining the possibilities.

Now a new fan poster shared by MickaĆ«l Journou on Twitter imagines what Dua Lipa could like as DCEU’s Zatanna. The mesmerizing image gives a nod to Zatanna’s practice of the ritual of Maithuna, as she captivates viewers with her tantra magic. Take a look at the fan art below.

The new Zatanna poster art is perhaps the most authentic visualization of the character if she were played by the iconic pop star. Her trademark hat and colored eyes are magnificently captured by the artist, and the cards in the background and the rose accessory reflect the Mistress of Magic’s superpowers as well as her characterization in the comics. Dua Lipa has long been a popular fancast for the role, and the new poster highlights that she is indeed the perfect choice for the character, physically, as well as talent-wise.

While Dua Lipa would certainly make a great Zatanna, as clearly evinced by the bewitching artwork, it’s hard to predict if she would ever actually play the role. It’s certainly a possibility considering a Zatanna movie is being made and the singer has also set her first film role with Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle. But ultimately it comes down to Lipa’s personal interests and the direction WB wants to take for the live-action for such a deal to be materialized. If Lipa does, at any point, end up playing the role, it could help open the avenue for DCEU to introduce some of its more mystical characters like John Constantine and Doctor Thirteen. Otherwise, there is also the option to tie Zatanna with Matt Reeves’ The Batman films, where a potential comics-accurate romance between Lipa’s Zatanna and Robert Pattinson’s vigilante could happen.

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