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The legendary martial arts star, Jackie Chan, has always been known for his dedication to his movie roles. And while most of his movies turn into blockbusters, it’s not always easy for his co-stars to perform with similar dedication, like that as Chan’s. But somehow, the actor demands his fellow stars to push their limits and try harder, for the sake of authenticity in their roles.

Recalling the Rush Hour movies and their making, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were the popular pairings that no one expected to turn out well, due to Chan’s adamant nature. However, despite teasing Tucker for not performing his stunts in the 1998 action-comedy, Chan’s friendship grew stronger with his co-star.

Jackie Chan Demands Physical Commitment To The Movie Roles
Legendary Chinese action star Jackie Chan has always appreciated the value of true action movies and stars, who happen to dedicate themselves to the role. Performing his stunts all by himself, the actor is known for putting his everything into the movie.

However, Jackie Chan has always been triggered by the sad state of action stars in films, as they fail to commit themselves to the physical part of the shoot. Claiming to value action stars over good-looking actors, Jackie Chan has personally created a deep impact on the Chinese film industry as well as Hollywood.

Having a different approach to the movie’s stunts, Chan often engaged in sarcastic remarks and arguments with his co-stars over not performing their own stunts. Recalling his $850 million franchise Rush Hour, the martial arts star was called out by Chris Tucker for giving him a hard time and teasing him for not engaging in the physical part of the shoots.

Jackie Chan Teased Chris Tucker For Not Performing His Own Stunts
Appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Chris Tucker claimed getting teased by Jackie Chan while shooting the buddy-cop action comedy franchise, Rush Hour. Stating how their different approach to their roles created a rift between them, Tucker claimed to face a hard time on set.

“On the first movie, I got in shape because I heard Jackie does his own stunts. So I said, ‘Let me get in shape,’ and I started doing it and everything. Because if you don’t come out there, Jackie will tease you. ‘Chris Tucker, you scared? Come, we’ll do your stunts! Stop acting like a punk! Do your stunts!’” Chris Tucker claimed.

Although the actor didn’t mention if the teasing worked for him and if he performed his stunts or not, he definitely admitted how his stuntman was injured on the set of the movie. While most people have their individual skill sets and prefer to stick to them, Jackie Chan definitely believes in pushing the limits.

Further, while the disagreements and teasing should have caused a major rift between the stars, it apparently helped them to be great friends, after all. Just like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s characters from Rush Hour found common ground to work together, so did the actors, in real life.

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