Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Jason Isbell was just interviewed for his upcoming album. The album was released on Friday, and according to Variety, the concluding single ‘Miles’ has a vibe similar to Paul McCartney and Wings. When Isbell heard this, he responded: “Yeah, that song takes you on an epic journey.” I dubbed it Neil Young and Wings while we were in the studio.” The interview continues with an explanation of the song, which Isbell later explained:

“Yeah, I started with the idea of, what happens if you’re not emotionally available, and where can you end up?” What is it like to live a regular life, making all the small decisions that build up to how your life ends – what if you make them 10% more selfishly than you should?” He then alluded to the guy in the song’s title and stated: “And by the end of that, it sort of expands into the character’s disconnected loneliness.” It’s really simply a method for me to keep working and trying to be more connected to the people around me. A lot of the songs I compose are like that — some are narrative-driven — but they all have the same theme: “How does the path diverge, and what’s down either path?”

In previous years, the singer seemed to have been influenced by Paul McCartney. When his 2017 album ‘The Nashville Sound’ was first released, the singer referenced a McCartney song as a’reference point’ in an interview. He stated: “We have some reference points when we go in.” We’ll discuss some records we’ve been listening to a lot recently. ‘Band on the Run’ by Paul McCartney and Wings kept coming up for this one.[…]” Click the link below to hear the Wings-inspired song.

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