Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Metallica members recently stopped by Classic Rock for an interview while on their M72 World Tour. When the conversation turned to James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich shared his thoughts on the singer’s personality and artistic flair. The drummer elaborated on his friendship with Hetfield, saying: “James is one of my best friends and my life partner.” He’s someone I adore and admire. Someone who can still amaze my mind with his talent. I’m probably more impressed with him as a creative force than I’ve ever been.

He’s perhaps the most well-known guy on the planet. When we’re conversing, I often predict what he’ll say before he says it. If we’re in a group setting, I’ll know how he’ll act before he does. At the same time, he remains a mystery to me. He is everything and more.” The vocalist has a strange demeanor, according to bassist Robert Trujillo, who said in the same conversation:

“I think to myself, ‘Who is James to me?’ I believe he wants to show strength and be the one to commandeer the ship, but there will always be a battle with James. He can be a real, loyal brother who will defend and appreciate you. At times, he can become aloof, silent, and somber. He can be a bit mysterious, but I believe he truly aspires to be a better person and spiritual being.” The whole interview may be found here.

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