Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Les Claypool of Primus selected seven bassists who influenced his sound in a recent interview with Bass Player. Rush’s Geddy Lee came in first place on the list. He stated: “My first superhero was Geddy. On bass, he just did things that were a huge pain in the a$$. But Geddy was a highly lyrical player with an incredible tone.” Les also stated that Rush fans, like himself, are members of a “exclusive club,” adding: “The music of Rush was very appealing to a young man like me because it was unlike anything else.

” And, to be honest, Rush fans were and still are a unique bunch. It’s almost as if you’re a Trekkie. It’s like this restricted club, and before they became famous, there was a cult element to it all. Geddy’s tone, melodic sense, and overall strength were all very appealing to me.” Les chose Geddy as his initial inspiration for his sound after Primus toured the United States performing the Rush album ‘A Farewell To Kings’ in its entirety on their ‘A Tribute To Kings Tour.

‘ When they asked Lee about Claypool as a bassist and the tour in a 2022 interview, it came out that the feelings were mutual. Lee stated: “Les has a distinctive rhythmic sensibility.” His playing, in my opinion, is a mash-up of numerous styles: he may slap, twang, or run up and down the neck like a jazz guitarist. His tone is unique, deep, and real, and he’s developed a charmingly unusual style. Of course, I was really complimented, and then I thought he was a little crazy, but by all accounts, it’s a very stunning performance and a true tribute, done by an awesome band.”

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