Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Perhaps Margot Robbie just needed a change of scenery from Barbie’s go-to color. She had been filming the upcoming Barbie movie for months, so it’s likely that she experienced images of hot and pastel pink every time she closed her eyes even after she left the Dreamhouse. That may be the reason why, for a recent premiere, she opted for a rich actress red manicure instead of the Barbiecore fuschia, magenta, and rose.

Robbie hit the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie, Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, looking like a mashup of ’50s Barbie and ’80s Barbie in a strapless black dress with a pleated white skirt and black pumps and an equally classic red manicure. Robbie’s nails are filed down into a short, slightly rounded square shape and painted a glossy, creamy true red — a big departure from Barbie’s go-to palette of cotton candy and neon pink, but something we could technically envision the more glamorous ’50s Barbie wearing with her iconic black and white striped swimsuit.

The shorter length of Robbie’s nails made them feel fresh and modern, especially against the structural elements of her Schiaparelli dress.

Honestly, despite the fact that this mani isn’t at all pink, we still think the doll herself would approve of the chic color and diamond-like shine. A ruby red manicure like this never goes out of style; it’s been beloved by major movie stars and nail polish newbies alike practically since nail polish was invented and looks just as good during the holidays as it does on a sunny summer day.

While it’s probably not on the menu at Barbie’s Dreamhouse nail salon, maybe we’ll see Robbie-as-Barbie experiment with new colors when she goes on her journey of discovery in the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie. Red and pink do look great together!

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