Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Marq Torien, the frontman of BulletBoys, shared an informative look on Axl Rose’s performance with AC/DC in a recent interview with Metal Social Sunday hosted by DJ Britt. He spoke about the unique obstacles the musician encountered as he stepped into the shoes of the beloved band, as well as the enormous effort he put into the task to ensure he did justice to their songs. After their original singer, Brian Johnson, was forced to step down due to hearing issues, AC/DC invited the well-known frontman of Guns N’ Roses to join them on their 2016 tour. Fans reacted to Rose’s appearance as a guest vocalist for the renowned rock band with a mix of enthusiasm and suspicion.

Nonetheless, he eventually demonstrated his ability to deliver a powerful performance that exceeded expectations. Torien recently voiced his admiration for Axl Rose’s commitment and hard work throughout that performance. He notably mentioned how the singer went above and above while playing the band’s difficult songs in 2016. Managing AC/DC’s repertoire, according to the BulletBoys frontman, was not an easy task; yet, Axl successfully accepted the challenge and put his heart and soul into it. Marq summarized his feelings towards Guns N’ Roses frontman by saying: “I’m so proud of [Axl] for doing what he’s doing out there.” He performed with AC/DC on their 2016 tour. He was there every night, giving it everything he had, and those songs aren’t easy, my brother. That’s some difficult singing… I commend him.

Hats off to my brother, and best wishes to Axl Rose.” During the interview, the musician’s insights provided a new perspective on Axl Rose’s time with AC/DC. His focus on Rose’s determination to tackling the difficult task of performing with the famous band not only highlighted the musician’s passion, but also presented a fresh side to him from the BulletBoys vocalist’s perspective.

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