Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Maynard James Keenan recently drew attention to himself during Tool’s play at the Welcome To Rockville Festival with his costume choice. This unusual occurrence quickly became a topic of discussion, spawning numerous debates. Keenan recently broke his quiet on the matter, speaking about it in an interview with The Messenger, adding to the hype. Given the ongoing issue in Florida over anti-drag laws, the vocalist’s remarkable drag outfit onstage did not go ignored. This stringent rule prohibits children from attending drag shows and limits personal pronoun debates in schools. The timing of Keenan’s outfit, which included fake breasts, a blonde wig, and smeared lipstick, caused many to interpret it as a protest against the new law. In response to these rumors, he made the decision to clarify his viewpoint and relationship with the drag community.

When questioned if he was a part of the drag world, the Tool member confirmed: “I suppose so, yeah.” I am a drag queen on occasion; I have been a drag queen. Because I’m casual, hardened individuals will dismiss me as a tourist. Let’s be honest: I’m 59 years old. As a result, last night’s performance resembled Brienne of Tarth on her worst day.” He went on to show his support for individualism and personal expression: “Solidarity with those who do not fear expressing themselves?” Absolutely. People who want to express themselves in whatever f—king way they choose, as long as they’re not physically harming someone? Sure, go for it. I’m completely behind you. If there’s one thing to remember, it’s to be yourself. You should not be afraid to be yourself.” While Keenan made it clear that his current performance was not a premeditated political statement, he did not shy away from criticizing the dubious law. In a recent interview, he also expressed his admiration and support for the drag community.

His conviction in the freedom to access all types of knowledge was expressed in the following terms: “I believe that restricting people’s access to anything is absurd.” Good parenting teaches your children to be reasonable, to reason, to puzzle things out, and to determine for themselves what the f—k they want to see or not see.” The argument over the recent Florida limitations continues, with additional business figures chiming in. Hayley Williams, for example, has publicly stated her support for the drag and LGBTQ+ communities. Figures such as Ted Nugent, on the other hand, have stated contrasting opinions.

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