Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Mike Portnoy recently said that he will no longer be actively using Twitter, citing trust issues with the platform’s recent controversial regulations. It was just recently that Testament musician Alex Skolnick attacked Elon Musk, accusing him of turning Twitter into a ‘flaming wreck’ and of causing a security hole by providing everyone access to the blue verification mark. Skolnick isn’t the only one who is upset about the new rules; Portnoy also announced his departure from the platform on Twitter. The musician talked about how he’d had problems in the past with bogus accounts using his identity, and how he’d decided to leave Twitter and continue utilizing other social platforms rather than relive those problems. He simply announced his decision by saying farewell to the site and his fans and posting a statement outlining his reasons for leaving.

Portnoy then made the following statement: “As someone who has dealt with online imposters, I have always found blue check verification to be very important to have on social media.” With Twitter now depriving everyone of them and allowing anyone to buy one and pretend to be anyone with no verification, I believe it is time to move on to avoid any confusion or mistaken identification. I will continue to use Instagram and Facebook for daily posts and information, so please follow me there to ensure it is me publishing.” So, it’s clear that Elon’s recent Twitter moves have made some rockers nervous, as everyone from Skolnick to Portnoy has expressed their displeasure by tweeting and criticizing the recent policy and emphasizing the importance of having their verification.

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