Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Get ready, Motörhead lovers, for some fantastic news! Motörhead’s official Instagram account has teased a possible surprise for their followers. With a photo of the legendary ‘Ace of Spades’ logo and the date May 8th, it’s evident that something special is in the works for Motörhead Day. followers are well aware that May 8th has special meaning for Motörhead followers. The date, stylised as May 8th, is a smart reference to the band’s most famous song, ‘Ace of Spades.’ Although BMG released a deluxe box set of the ‘Ace of Spades’ album in 2020 to commemorate its 40th anniversary, the band appears to have other plans for this year.

Motörhead didn’t reveal too many details in a recent Instagram post, but they did ask if fans were ready to celebrate and promised more information will be released shortly. Fans were naturally ecstatic, with some anticipating for another ‘perfect day’ edition of the legendary album. According to Motörhead’s Instagram post: “Are you ready to join us in our celebration?” More information will be available soon…” One of the fans wrote in the comments section: “Hopefully, it’s a re-release of ‘Another Perfect Day.'” The excitement is growing, and Motörhead fans all over the world are waiting for the big announcement with bated breath. Will ‘Ace of Spades’ be reissued? Or is it something totally different? Whatever it is, one thing is certain: Motörhead Day 2023 will be one for the ages. Keep an eye out, rockers!

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