NCT Taeyeon & Red Velvet Yeri, enthusiastic theory emerged!

The enthusiastic theory of NCT Taeyeon and Red Velvet Yeri, who belong to the same SM Entertainment and are related to seniors and juniors, has emerged.

Evidence photos were posted in the Korean online community, along with a note claiming that NCT Taeyeon and Red Velvet Yeri had a date. This content quickly spread to each online community and became a hot topic.

◈ Evidence of Taeyeon and Yeri’s passionate theory claimed by some fans

On September 24th, Yeri posted a photo of her wearing a navy-colored AMI knit hat on her personal Instagram.

On September 30th, a photo of Taeyeon and Mark eating was uploaded to the official Twitter account of NCT 127. Taeyeon in the photo is wearing a gray AMI knit hat.

AMI is known for its men’s brand, and the fact that Yeri is wearing this knit hat has made fans suspicious. Rumors of a couple knit hat have flowed, and fans who insist on the passionate theory see that Taeyeon and Yeri have never separated and have been enjoying a date secretly until now, or that they met again after they separated. There is.


Yeri left a comment on the photo uploaded on Instagram in 2016, saying, “Yon-actually, I’m looking at this.” Claimed to be a message to Taeyeon, who has the nickname “Yong”.


Yeri claims to have seen pictures of men who often resemble Taeyeon on their smartphones.



On February 7, 2018, Taeyeon told his fans about the flu and told him that one person had the flu, but none of the NCT members at the time had the flu. However, three days ago, Red Velvet’s Yeri was hospitalized for the flu, so the person who got the flu that Taeyeon talked about was suspected to be Yeri.

Taeyeon sees Yeri at an SM concert.


Taeyeon stares at Yeri on the stage.


Taeyeon has pink hair, catching the two people chatting at the 2019 Idol Athletics Tournament.


Since the enthusiastic theory has been talked about many times before, Taeyeon is searched for “Yeri” related search terms on the portal site.

When the two enthusiastic theories emerged in the online community, fans claimed that “they aren’t dating, they’re just close friends who have something in common with their hobbies and fashion.”


Normally, wearing a knit hat of the same brand does not raise the enthusiastic theory. In the case of Taeyeon and Yeri, there have been many suspicious situations in the past, so it seems that a passionate theory emerged with just one knit hat.

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