Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

While speculations of an Oasis reunion have been circulating recently, tensions between the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, have remained high. Liam Gallagher rushed to Twitter to criticize his brother over the idea of a reunion, reigniting a public quarrel that has raged for years. Liam’s comments follow Noel’s recent statements on TalkSport radio, in which he called Liam a “coward” for not helping plan an Oasis reunion. In response to a Twitter user who inquired about Noel’s remarks, Liam voiced his annoyance further by referencing Noel’s previous comments in which he wished AIDS on Blur during their rivalry in the mid-’90s. Nonetheless, Liam did not rule out the possibility of getting together.

When asked if a reunion was possible, Noel replied: “Well, I put it out there; he’s not going to call.” I mean, he should call me because he’s always talking about it: you’d think he’d have a plan by now. And if he has a plan, he should have someone call… He doesn’t have to talk to me; I know he won’t; he’s a coward.” When a fan reminded Liam of these words, he responded: “He’s the coward who wishes people AIDS and refuses to play music for his hometown after a tragedy.” You’re looking for more cunty bollox.” Liam went on to say in another tweet: “I do not wish AIDS on anyone.” While you sit on your balcony sipping champagne, I turn up and play music for the people of Manchester who have just experienced a terrible attack, and you have the guts to label me a coward. Please take a seat. End.” When a user advised Liam to be honest about his sentiments toward Noel and the reunion in the comments, he replied:

“I adore my brother, and when he calls to apologize, we can discuss the reunion.” Many fans have voiced a wish to see the band rejoin, particularly given the forthcoming 30th anniversary of their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe,’ which will be released next year. Despite the hype, Noel Gallagher has stated that there would be no tour or reunion. This is the most recent scenario; but, if one of the two parties calls the other in the following days, we may witness unexpected developments.


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