October BTS comeback? BLACKPINK, TWICE, Song Min Ho comeback!

Starting with BTS, which is expected to come back in October, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and WINNER Son Min Ho will make a comeback.

Expectations of K-POP fans around the world are rising as the idol groups BTS, BLACKPINK and TWICE representing K-POP come back at the same time in October.

Among the BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and WINNER Son Min Ho who will make a comeback in October, BLACKPINK will make the first comeback. BLACKPINK has officially announced that it will make a comeback on October 2. BLACK PINK, which was confirmed as the first full album release in the fourth year of debut, made a big hit with the pre-release song “How You Like That” in June, and the second pre-release song released on August 28 is the world It is expected to be a big hit in collaboration with the famous Serena Gomez.



When TWICE also made a comeback in October, Korean media reported all at once. The comeback date of TWICE has not been confirmed yet, but JYP Entertainment is working on the album and announced that it will be announced when the comeback date is confirmed. TWICE will celebrate their 5th anniversary on October 20th and their sister group “NiziU” will officially make their debut in November, so it is expected to celebrate their 5th anniversary and make a comeback in October.


In the overseas fan community, there is a rumor that the second full album will be released for the first time in three years.



BTS is expected to make a comeback in October. Big Hit Entertainment, an office of BTS, held a company briefing session on the plan for the second half of 2020 on August 13. On the spot, Big Hit Entertainment president Ban Shih-yuk stabbed the new BTS album in the fourth quarter of this year (October to December).

Since its debut, BTS has never released a Korean album in December. There are too many external schedules such as the award ceremony at the end of the year, and we cannot release the album. Therefore, although a comeback in October or November was expected, BTS member Jin unintentionally spoiled the live YouTube distribution in May this year.



Through live YouTube streaming, BTS members discussed future plans. As various opinions flew over, Jin spoiled the question, “But our sale is in October, isn’t it?” Due to other topics, many fans were unaware of Jin’s spoilers.


BTS is well known in the group for planning everything up to a few years later, so this year’s schedule should be particularly fixed. The oldest BTS, Jin, is expected to make a comeback early as he is about to join the army.



YG Entertainment announced in October that WINNER member Son Min Ho will make a solo comeback. According to the official announcement of YG Entertainment, Song Min-ho will release his second full album in October. Song Min-ho will make a solo comeback for the first time in two years since the title song “Anagnae” of the first full album “XX” released in November 2018.

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