OH MY GIRL Allin’s miss, Hyeojeong’s phone number leaked during live delivery!

Due to OH MY GIRL member Arin’s mistake, the happening that the mobile number of leader Hyojeong was leaked during V LIVE live delivery happened.

On September 4th, members of OH MY GIRL, who finished the joint online concert of WM Entertainment, Sunhi, Arin, Mimi, and Vini played V LIVE together at the Vini’s house on the 5th. HY MY JOHN, a leader who knew that OH MY GIRL members were doing V LIVE, was heading to the house of Vini to participate.

◈ OH MY GIRL Lodgings Recent Status

▶Hyojeong-I left the dormitory independently first.

▶Sunghi, Arin, Mimi, Vinyl-rented rooms at Officetel in the same building.

▶ Your, Jiho – Seoul’s parents’ home + half-dwelling life (estimate)

* What is Officetel?

Officetel in Korea is a coined word that combines offices and hotels, and refers to a building where the lower floors are offices and stores, and the upper floors are residences. The exterior looks like a Japanese tower condominium, with many buildings of about 30 stories.

◈ History of Hyojeong’s mobile number leaked

Sung-hee hung up without answering the phone after showing to the camera that a call came from Hyojeong.

Hyojeong called Alin again.

Arin brought the smartphone’s screen closer to the camera and leaked Hyoyeon’s phone number as it was under full sky.


Arin apologizes with her hands together.

▶Arin-Excuse me.

▶ Seunghee (to the fan) Don’t look at your mobile number. Let’s take the challenge of not calling anyone

▶Binnie (to Hyojeong) My sister’s number was leaked.

Hyojeong-Your mobile number was leaked?

▶Sunhee-Your sister’s number has been leaked.

▶Sun Hee-sister, don’t say anything bad on a good day like today.

Hyojeong-It’s ok.

▶Sunhee-This is more scary!

Hyojeong-Don’t worry.

▶Sunhee-Why do you worry?

Hyojeong-You’re worried because your mobile number was leaked?

▶Arin-I am panicked.

Hyojeong-It’s ok.

▶Vinyl Then let’s change the number with me when your sister comes.


The phone number of the galaxy used by Allin is written when the phone comes.

Not aware of this, Arin brought his smartphone close to the camera and leaked Hyojeong’s mobile number.

In this situation, Hyojeong did not get angry with Alin, and first showed leadership to reassure Alin in a panicked state.

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