Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Ringo Starr and the All-Starrs are in the midst of their continuing tour, which began on May 19. According to Goldmine, the band managed to fit in a virtual press conference despite a hectic rehearsal schedule. They talked about a number of issues, including the differences between being a member of a band and a solo act like Paul McCartney. During the press conference, Starr expressed his enthusiasm about playing in a band. He pointed out that the dynamics of a group were unique. The drummer went on to compare his experience to McCartney’s solo career, implying that each setting brought a unique mix of obstacles and rewards.

Former Beatles member John Lennon explained: “I need all of these great people to play with me. It’s something to do with the band. I enjoy being in a band. It’s fantastic because everyone bears the burden. But, like Paul, he’s the man, therefore he needs time off [on tour] to mend himself. But I promise you, we could play every night. We could play every night if Edgar [Winter] didn’t require the day off.” Starr isn’t the only All-Starr who appreciates the band’s collective energy. When asked about the pieces they played, guitarist Steve Lukather jumped in, saying how much he appreciated playing Ringo’s music with the band.

His exact words were as follows: “This is Ringo’s band, and we play his hits and music.” I can assure you that I have more pleasure playing their goods than mine. Furthermore, playing all of the classic Ringo songs and Beatles material never gets old. This is not a job. As far as I’m concerned, this is a vacation. We have our own sound, and we play everyone’s material.” Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band continue their spring tour, which will conclude on June 17. The band will then take a two-month hiatus before embarking on their fall tour on September 17.

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