Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction has been without his best buddy Taylor Hawkins for little over a year. When ‘New & Approved’ host Matt Pinfield mentioned Hawkins during the interview, the singer burst into tears and said: “It stings. What occurs today is that people come to the events wearing Taylor T-shirts. I only watched one last night, so it’s still new to me. We adore him, and I adore him.”

Farrell and Hawkins have been pals since the beginning of Jane’s Addiction. Farrell even told the New York Post last year that Hawkins told him he wanted to see Jane’s Addiction reunite before he died, sharing: “Taylor was there when Jane’s was running the streets of Los Angeles.” He just wanted to see Jane’s family together. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it, but I know he’s watching and listening.”
Even while Hawkins couldn’t envision the old lineup reuniting with Eric Avery’s return, he did tell Pinfield that he has two songs in the works that he hopes to release shortly. He went on to say:

“I have two songs in mind.” One of them is titled ‘The Imminent Redemption.’ It is about the globe coming together and unifying, and all of the difficulties and issues that humans have had since the beginning of time will be resolved, and the world will settle, and I believe this will happen in our lifetime.

The other song is called ‘True Love,’ and the sentiment is simply the sheer raw unstoppable sense of true love.” Below is a video of Perry Farrell’s interview with Matt Pinfield.

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