Popular K-POP Idols Who Failed to Color Their Hair by Themselves!

K-POP idols often show off various hair colors rather than dark hair for their comeback season.

This is a compilation of popular idols who failed to do self hair color at home instead of at a beauty salon.



Jung Yeon failed to self-color the first time and re-dyed her hair to a blueish hair color.

My hair was sore and flaky after my second self-color.


Taeyeon, who has a wide variety of talents, also did a self-color.

However, I once cut my hair short because it wasn’t the hair color I wanted it to be.



I dyed my hair at home alone with the intention of dyeing it purple, but it was uneven and unsuccessful.

However, this hair color of Jin’s was a hot topic among fans and was voted as the best looking hair color.



Key revealed that he always self-colors at home because going to the hairdresser and dyeing his hair is too expensive.

However, he said there have been many times when he has failed.


There are various failures in self-coloring, such as unevenness, reverse pudding, or no dyeing at all.

Even with that failure, the hair color of the idols is so good looking that you want to imitate them.

Many idols are making a comeback in May and June, so it will be interesting to see what kind of hair color they will use for their comeback.

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