Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Priscilla Presley just emerged from the legal dispute over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate with an amazing settlement. But not all of her wishes were granted. Among her wishes was a desire to be buried near Elvis Presley, which was refused. Priscilla stated during the heated negotiations that her ultimate dream was to spend eternity lying next to her famed ex-husband, Elvis. However, her plea was met with a brick wall during a settlement with her granddaughter, Riley Keough, on Tuesday. According to TMZ, her demand was judged unworkable and was finally refused. Priscilla Presley revealed to TMZ:

“Although I have no intention of leaving anytime soon, it is my family’s and my wish that I be laid to rest with my daughter and the love of my life when the time comes.” “We appreciate all of the fans’ support.” After his death in 1977, Elvis was laid to rest at his beloved Graceland home. His mother and father’s graves surround him, forming a family memorial. His only child, Lisa Marie, and her son, Benjamin Keough, are also buried there. It’s easy to see why Priscilla desired to be buried there. Her desire, however, would entail relocating Elvis’ parents’ gravesites, a difficult matter that cannot be resolved.

The legal fight over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate has finally settled. They have achieved an agreement, bringing an end to a difficult period for all those involved. However, it looks that Priscilla’s demand to be buried alongside Elvis will not be granted.

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