Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Metallica’s Rob Trujillo was asked by Mexico’s Alpha 91.3 FM radio station if he could choose an artist from any genre to cover a song off the band’s latest album, ’72 Seasons,’ and which artist and song he would choose. Trujillo chose a ‘icon powerhouse’ similar to Metallica; here’s what the bassist had to say: “I’d say, let’s see, what’s a really powerful song?” I mean, I’d love to hear the title track from ’72 Seasons’… This is going to sound ridiculous. What if Slayer covered ’72 Seasons’? That would be awesome. Nobody would have predicted that. But I’d love it.” His music choice was the title tune from their most recent album, but given their rivalry, the bassist’s band choice may have startled some fans. He went on to say:

“I always feel like there’s a competition [between Metallica and Slayer]… Perhaps it’s because I joined the band later. I see it as two signature type of icon powerhouses who had this really tremendous energy back in the early ’80s. But what if Slayer’s original lineup covered a song like ’72 Seasons’? That would be awesome.” Even if Rob was unfamiliar with the rivalry between the powerhouses, Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel told Metal Hammer last year that the lads always kept eyes on each other, saying:

“Metallica and Slayer were never particularly close.” They were fierce competitors. Metallica would ask me, ‘What are Slayer doing?’ I was friends with both bands. ‘What exactly are they writing?’ ‘What are Metallica doing?’ would question the Slayer lads. ‘Who’s faster?’ it asked. “Who is heavier?” The interview is available to view below. You may listen to ’72 Seasons’ below as well.

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