Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Sammy Hagar recently spoke with USA Today on how much he missed former bandmate Eddie Van Halen, the late rocker’s capacity to always create something new, and why it was such a’shame’ how Van Halen ended. Although the Red Rocker has had a successful solo career since splitting with Van Halen in 1996, he still refers to his time with the band as’something else’ while fondly remembering the good old days. So, when the host asked if it hurt to be estranged from Eddie and the band in the years following his dismissal, Hagar had a few things to say. The rocker highlighted how much he ‘cherished’ Eddie by revisiting his memory today, while also lamenting the fact that his time with Van Halen ended in a shambles.

He claimed that booze and drugs played a role in the shambles of his departure, alleging that if the band was still together today, they would be headlining every festival on the planet. Still, he had nothing but admiration and admiration for Van Halen, recalling the guitarist’s intelligence and creative talent in constantly coming up with something new and forming impressive riffs in brief moments, mostly while jamming. So it seemed like Sammy got lost in memory lane, as he seemed determined not to forget the good times he had with his former bandmates.

Hagar on if being estranged from Eddie and the act hurt: “I love him [Eddie] more than ever.” What happened to us at the end was very unfortunate. It’s what happens when you mix drink and drugs, plus I’m going through a divorce. It’s such a pity. If Van Halen was still together today, we’d be headlining all of these events throughout the world. I miss [Eddie’s] distinct originality. He’d play something, and I’d think to myself, ‘What, where the heck did that come from?’ He was so out of the box, so unique, that his creativity always boosted me.” Sammy appears to be yearning nostalgia, as he recalled the good old days with Van Halen while lamenting the manner he parted ways with the band. Still, he wished to remember the good old days, when there were no storms or turbulence, and he praised Eddie’s musical genius while doing so.

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